About Me

John Edmondson started his career as a professional voiceover talent at age 15, becoming the youngest on-air personality in his hometown of Bloomington, IL.

John majored in Oral Interpretation at Arizona State University. He was a volunteer reader of books and magazines at Sun Sounds of Arizona, and for Learning Ally. Some of his corporate narration credits include corporate video and audio sound tracks such as “Beware, Know Your AirStair”; and “Hazmat, Be Alert to Its Danger!” John’s celebrity also included artistry in delivering riveting telephony on-hold material.

After a successful multi-year intermission into corporate life focusing on international business, transportation, technology, and sales, John re-launched his voiceover career. His reemergence took off quickly with over 45 audio books under his belt in very short order, along with supporting clients with their corporate voiceover needs in telephony, industrial narrations, presentations, training, commercials and more.

John is also an accomplished public speaker and presenter having won numerous awards, as well as presenting to numerous international audiences.

Fellow congregants in his church call him “The Voice of God.” Other, more mundane roles have included the voice of America West Airlines and voice of Western Pacific Airlines.

John knows how to deliver the written word to the right audience in the right way.

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Contact Information: +1 480 297 5305 / john@voicesoftheoffice.com

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